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  • Welcome to the our new website! // September 27 2011

    Welcome to our new website! We have broadened our technological footprint in hopes to create a conversation and a discussion. It is our belief that software should be written for the end user, not the other way around. By leveraging various web technologies we hope to answer questions and incorporate new ideas into our products that can make your life even just a little easier. Though we are currently developing the site further, it is our hope that your explore and join us.

    You can locate our forums at:

    For the latest announcements you can visit our blog at:

    For How-Tos and access to frequently asked questions ranging from a variety of topics, you can visit our wiki portal at:

    We encourage you to join us and participate in the community. Together the ultimate SIS package is a reality. Thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoy your stay!

    The Morris Computer Systems team